with DJ Seen, Odiggity,
Carl Bastard & Joel Pustina
@ M2 Backyard Bara Magnus
Gothenburg Sweden

with Il Stefano
@ M2 Backyard Bara Magnus
Gothenburg Sweden

with Nyp0n (HEH!, Sthlm)
Joel Pustina (Spinach)
Odiggity & TRPR
@ Roda Sten
Gothenburg Sweden

with Joel Pustina and more
@ Frihamnspiren
Gothenburg Sweden

Step Out – Blenda Sound Edit

We have collected whole heap of records over the years
and some of them needed a little bit of adjustment
so we ended up with a big bag of dope edits.

We always like to share stuff so here comes the first one,
an early eighties shoulder pad groove.
Check out the video preview below which design is
a tribute to the classic disco funk label Prelude.

If you’re interested there’s a limited stock of free downloads
available at the moment, link up for more info.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our new youtube channel,
we got plenty of nice stuff coming up in the near future…

Step Out – Blenda Sound Edit

Long Time

Yes we’re back with a brand new track!

The Docks

This Friday alongside Joel Pustina and more

Brick House

Far Out Magnus

Crate Digging

Did some crate digging in Riga too and found this cool all instrumental LP from latvian pianist Raimonds Pauls.

Riga Latvia

Check out the pictures from our mini tour in Riga, Latvia. Just click the instagram button up to the left and you’ll find them..

Hallu Sue

We nearly got sued by Heinz so this Thursday we’re back with new artwork!

Horse Nation

Horse Nation @ Spinach!

Spinach Blandband – New Mix!

Promotional mix for our weekly summer club that we’re doing every Thursday together with Popeye Sound at M2 Backyard in Gothenburg, Sweden. Bass, House, Funky, Baltimore, Soca – It’s all in the mix!

Justin Jay – Into The Night (Jack Fell Down’s Garage Mix)
Breach & Dark Sky – The Click
Breach – Jack
Issac Christopher – Jack That Body
Wookie – Torpedo
Breach – Let’s Get Hot
Dj Technics – My Life Extra
Jus Now – VCD Remix